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40,4 km

You start in Larochette, by the "Centre culturel". You move off in the direction of Christnach/Krëschtnech. Past the camp site, you take the first road to the right. Arriving in Heffingen/Hiefenech (km 3.3), you come upon the CR-138. You turn next left and then right again. You come to a cross-roads (km 4.2) where you turn right once more. At the Chapel ot "Notre Dame de Ia Paix" (km 4.6) you turn left, and come to Reuland/Reiland (km 6). At the end of the village you make a short climb, coming back round to Heffingen (km 9.7). At the Cafe' "Am Duerf" you turn right on the CR-128, and at km 12.6 you reach Christnach.

Having arrived there, you continue on the CR-128. Past the football pitch and the golf course, you come to Waldbillig/Waldbëlleg. At the "Hotel Koch" (km 14) you go right again, and along the "rue Laach", you leave the village in the direction of Haller/Haler (km 18). You turn right in front of the "Hotel Hallerbach", towards Beaufort. Past the Hallermühle the road begins to climb.

Via the Beforterhaed you come to Beaufort/Befort. You turn left by the "Hotel Meyer" (km 23.1). After you have passed the reservoir (on your left side), you turn right, and come to Bigelbach/Bigelbaach (km 26.5). The route goes on downhill through the village and to Reis­dorf/Reisduerf (km 28.5). Immediately after the bridge over the River Ernz you turn left and ride through the valley of the River Ernz Blanche, past several mills, via Keiwelbach/Keiwels­baach and Ermsdort/Iermsdrëf, to Medernach/Miedernach.

In front of the "Bistrot Op der Gare" in Medernach you join the N-14. Immediately behind that café you turn right and cycle along the banks of the River Ernz Blanche. Well before you reach your goal, you have a splendid view of the renovated castle. Distance: 40.4 km.


2: As described in route 1 as far as Christnach (km 12.6). On leaving the village you go by way of the CR-356 to Freckeisen (km 14.4) and Savelborn/Suewelbour (km 15.6). At the exit from Savelborn you go on to the CR-358 past the memorial down to Medernach. Further left, on to the N-14 at the 'Bistrot Op der Gare", and on as in 1. Distance: 22.2 km.

3: As described in 1 as far as Haller (km 18), past the 'Hotel Hallerbach" and the church, in the direction of Savelborn, past the Flickenhof, right in Savelborn (km 20.6) then right via Firtchen (CR-356) to Ermsdorf (km 24.9). You go left by way of the CR-358, in the direction of Medernach and by the "Bistrot Op der Gare" on to the N-14, and on as in route 1. Distance: 30.3 km.

4: As described in 1 as far as Christnach (km 12.6) by way of the CR-128, then by the CR-256 to Freckeisen (km 14.4) and Savelborn (km 15.6). straight on via F/rtchen to Ermsdorf and further as in route 1. Distance: 25.2 km.

5: As described in 1 as far as Beforterhaed, then via Eppeldorf/Eppelduerf and Hessemillen on the CR-358 and via Ermsdorf back to the starting point. Distance: 29 km.